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Tango believes in getting results. This is evident both in the success of the Lumix ProAm Campaign we did for Panasonic which had 18,207 visits to the site and 7,140 entries and more recently in receiving an honorable mention in the Webby Awards. Click here to view our listing


A Devilish Willem Dafoe Joins Kate Upton, Usher in Mercedes Super Bowl Ad

Extended version released online
Willem Dafoe, his eyes twinkling with evil and his fingernails filed to sharp points, plays the devil himself in Mercedes-Benz’s 2013 Super Bowl ad, an extended version of which was unveiled Wednesday.
Dafoe, 57, tries to get a regular guy in a bar to sell his soul for the new Mercedes CLA. The offer sends the guy into an elaborate fantasy—set to “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones—in which the car raises his social status to the point where he’s hitting red carpets with Kate Upton and dancing with Usher.
At the end, when he realizes the CLA starts at less than $30,000, the guy declines the Faustian bargain, causing an angry Dafoe to disappear in a cloud of smoke.
The ad was created by Merkley + Partners and director Dante Ariola.
Either a 60- or 90-second version of the spot, filmed partly at the Napoleon House in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is expected to air during the fourth quarter of the game.
The extended spot follows two earlier teasers—one of which featured footage from the ad, the other of which showed Upton hanging around as a CLA was washed.

Why smartphones will soon replace cash

The rise of digital payments is rendering cash extinct. Is your brand ready? Here’s how to prepare for this major shift.

Can you imagine a world without cash? The reality is closer than you think. Cash is expensive to produce, collect, and recycle, leaving some to wonder why in this digital world we’re still even dealing with it. Also, consider that half of the world population is not banked, but people in those areas still have access to their mobile device.

What opportunity has this perfect storm created? According to the global CMO of MasterCard, our smartphones will soon become the main way we pay for goods and services, and cash will go extinct. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for this groundbreaking shift.

Worth a watch

Conversation highlights
0:00 — The “Priceless” MasterCard platform
0:30 — Bring the brand closer to personal life
1:00 — Translating the brand philosophy into brand experience
1:30 — What about the customer experience
3:00 — 85% of transactions are still done in cash or checks
3:45 — No bank, no problem
4:30 — Modern infrastructure around the world
5:15 — 2013 will be the year of…
Run time is 6:27

Alfredo Gangotena is chief marketing officer of MasterCard Worldwide, with global responsibility for the company’s advertising, sponsorships, promotions, research, insights and digital marketing initiatives.

Why smartphones will soon replace cash from iMedia Connection on Vimeo.



A Cellphone Signal-Blocking Handkerchief, Valentine’s Day Edition

To ensure that you will have the full attention of your phone-obsessed partner this Valentine’s Day, have him wrap his phone up in the cellphone signal-blocking “Phonekerchief”.

Now available at online store Ahalife, this amazing handkerchief that effectively shuts down any phone is playfully printed with the phrase “My phone is off for you”.

Made of real silver and nylon, this romantic hanky has to be wrapped tightly around the phone for it to work its signal-blocking magic.

Each Phonekerchief comes with a Dark Mexican chocolate bar from Taza Chocolate—buy it here.




Pinterest has recently become a huge source of inspiration for me.
Before I discovered Pinterest I didn”t usually spend much time digging around finding things that were interesting to me unless I was doing research or getting some inspiration before I started working on a project. But now i find I fill a lot of my downtime searching for the latest and coolest pins!
You can use Pinterest on casino francais en ligne your computer, smart phone and tablet device.
It”s so simple and easy to use! For those of you who haven”t explored Pinterest I will break it down.
Search a category, scroll down the list of inspiring Pins and Re-pin the posts you like! You can also upload images of your own for other people to re-pin.
So what are you waiting for? It is a great resource and I highly recommend getting onto Pinterest and start Pinning!
View the Tango team at

New Additions

We have had a couple of cool new additions to the team here at Tango!

Introducing Jr. Graphic Designer Scott Wheeler and Marketing Intern Kim Martin.

Scott is a young creative who has built up a strong visual portfolio having done work for some big international clients such as Nike and W.I.R.E.D Magazine. He is always pushing himself to create strong visual concepts that not only communicate the idea but look awesome! Motivation and perseverance are some of Scott’s best qualities, no matter what the hour he will always get the job done.

Kim is in the last few weeks of her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Event Management and Minoring in Advertising. While only being in the office a few days a week, Kim is always there to help out with any odd jobs there may be to make life a little less busy for the team at Tango.

Senior Account Manager

Job Description
We are seeking a Senior Account Manager with creative flair to join our fun and fast-paced digital advertising agency, Tango. Free coffee and good tunes n” times guaranteed.

One of our Senior AM”s is having a baby, so you”ll be taking her place for a minimum of 12 months. If you love us and we love you, this role could extend to a permanent role after the initial contract period.

About us
We are a digital agency built on simple ethos – work hard, be honest, keep it creative. 10 years later and we are continually growing and representing some of this country’s most iconic brands. Our core premise is to creatively devise and detonate digital advertising and media to drive brand engagement and produce work that people want to talk about.

In short, we love what we do; we live and breathe everything creative, new and innovative. Together, we house loveable account service, production, digital development and media teams. We work the hard yards to achieve a common goal of thinking outside the box to produce top notch creative digital advertising campaigns (some of which have even scored us some fancy industry awards) and to be passionate and inspired about our work.

Professional, collaborative, playful and never shy of a night on the town together; we are seeking someone who will bring his or her own special ingredient to our busy team.

About you
Ideally you will have account management experience in this line of work. You must have a mindset that wants to progress / develop and succeed in a thriving agency, you will be passionate, well presented and have an opinion and not be afraid to challenge with your ideas.

Working closely with the general manager, this SAM will be bright, witty and require minimal hand holding. A strong client focus, displays strong attention to detail, being organised (more than the boss at least) and to contrive innovative and fresh ideas are vital … exceptional coffee making skills are a plus. But, if you”ve got a swell attitude and good work ethic, you might be able to fool us into hiring you as well.

How do I apply and more importantly, when do I start?!
We would like you on ship and ready to sail in a month, but of course flexible for the right candidate. Interested? For more information, or to send through your resume, drop us a line at through the Loop.

Send your CV to

Lumix ProAm receives a clap in Campaign Brief

Here” a link to the article on

The Lumix G Series Am competition closed on Sunday 15 July, with eight voters winning the latest GF5 camera. With all votes tallied up, the Amateurs came out well on top, scoring an impressive 47,701 votes, versus 37,350 for the Pro.

K-Road based digital shop Tango set out to prove that Panasonic”s G Series cameras let anyone shoot like a pro, by running an online promo campaign with a twist.First they equipped a top (anonymous) Pro ?????? ????????? photographer and a pair of enthusiastic Amateurs with the same G-Series camera. They were then given the same 10 briefs and a deadline to capture the best shots.

The shots were displayed at where visitors voted for their favourites, and entered the draw to win one of eight G Series cameras. Everyone who voted got a sweet $100 discount on G Series gear. And more than 3,000 of those entrants also shared the comp on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

James Smith, promotions and advertising manager, Panasonic New Zealand says the competition has created heaps of exposure and proven how well G Series cameras punch above their weight.

Says Smith: “We are really stoked that kiwis got in behind this campaign and backed the right horse! The Lumix team put it all on the line – and now we can finally get some sleep.”

State pluk from second screen

K Road digital agency Tango added an audio recognition string to its second-screen bow recently with its very successful TV-to-mobile campaign for State Insurance.

The campaign aired as part of the Colenso-created “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride,” epic TV campaign, which sharp-eyed viewers will have noticed carried a pluk™ logo, cueing the 50,000 kiwis with the app installed to pluk the ad’s digital content.

The content in this case included a form, delivered straight to the viewer’s smartphone or tablet, offering a $50 iTunes card with any new insurance policy.

According to Tango lead cheese Joel Frost, the campaign was the most successful Pluk campaign to date, with around 7000 viewers downloading the offer and a good number going on to buy policies and claim their iTunes cards.

“For us this is a great example of how a second-screen approach can work for a client,” crowed Frost. “Digital versus broadcast is too often seen as an either-or. With technologies like pluk™, marketers can fit with how people actually consume their media, and turn that into great results.”

Draw something

I’m sure you’ve heard the talk about Facebook buying Instagram for a cool $1bn, and possibly the other news in the media of Zynga purchasing Draw Something.

Personally, I’m a lot more interested in Draw Something. Now I’m not your traditional gamer, I never got into computer games, Gameboy, Playstation, Xbox or Wii – despite the fact that there’s pretty much all of them in my house. But I do have to say, that Draw Something is among the few games I’ve played, after Plants V’s Zombies and Where’s Wally. The difference though, you can’t clock it like you can these two.

It’s such a great time waster and perfect for the competitors amongst you, taking on friends and colleagues left, right and centre. I’m thinking we need to have an office battle, although the designers in the agency have a slight advantage.

I do have to say that (and admittedly, I went for the free option) my proudest moment was when I had enough coins to buy a full colour palate to make my works of art just that little bit better – if you’re in a game with me at the moment you’ll know that these really are works of art! Anyway, back to that colour range, here I am so very proud with my new colour range and then Draw Something randomly signed me out and when I signed back I no longer had my colour range, or my coins to buy them back. Now no-one will know that I was talented enough to gain enough coins to buy a new colour range!

There’s a few other things I’d like to see happen, and supposedly Zynga are all over it but, a simple little Go Back function for when you’ve selected the wrong word to draw, and the ability to choose another person to play without having to finish your current game would make things just that little bit easier. A Chat functionality would also be great so you can talk smack with your opponents. I haven’t got to the 99 you’re awesome at this game cap yet, but apparently that’s increasing too, maybe they read my previous comment about clocking a game.

What’s more important to you, the winning streak or the coins? I’d have to say the coins, but that’s because I have the free game and I’m longing to get that colour palate back. And can anyone tell me how do I get more bombs?

So for all you Draw Something gamers out there, let’s draw to the new era of this drawing craze. – Renee